Enciclopedia de la Literatura en México

Connecting lines : new poetry from Mexico

[Edición bilingüe]

Connecting Lines introduces readers to the best of contemporary Mexican poetry through definitive translations by leading writers and scholars. Wether read for personal pleasure or clasroom stduy, thsi comprenhensive bilingual anthology is an essential volume for poetry lovers and grants new insight into Mexican culture. Poetry lovers may wish to purchase the companion volume, Líneas Conectadas, wich introduces readers to the best contemporary American poetry.

"Connecting Lines and Líneas Conectadas wipe out borders and tear down dividing walls to show, in two volumes constituing a single work, the new poetry in the United States and Mexico: two parallel and separate experiences that come together in the infinity of the possible. There are not dogmas or schools, the only theme is the whole world in its unceasing diversity. What unites all these poets is their being so different and giving us unusual and unrepeatable visions of what it means to be alive in this world we never expect to see." 

-José Emilio Pacheco

"Andre Gide used to maintain that every writer owed it to see his own language to translate at least one foreign writer 'to whom his talents and temperament are suited.' He would have celebrated these two adventurous volumes, which bring together two clusters of poets, to cross languages and recreate one another trough the mysterious alchemy of translation. The two books bring to the reader something of the translator's experience, the experience of realizing just what Pablo Neruda caught in these two indeliable lines:

in the net it's not just the strings that count but also the air that escapes through the meshes." 

                                                                                                                                                     -Alstair Reid

"The accessibility to this new Mexican poetry, in Spanish as well as in English, in one place is unmatched anywhere... Recommended for public and academic libraries." 

                                                                                                                                               -Library Journal

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