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Gendering the marvellous : Remedios Varo, Elena Garro and Carmen Boullosa

In an attempt to comprehend the trascendence of Surrealism in Mexican culture, Gendering the Marvellous examines the pictorial work of Remedios Varo and the narrative of Elena Garro and Carmen Boullosa. Within a context of a transatlantic dialogue and from a gender perspective, the author examines the way in which these women have created a counter-aesthetic of revisionist mythmaking that foregrounds the existing gender problematic within Surrealism, while strategically reassessing the role woman has played in relationship to love, magic, myth, history and creativity. The critical analysis of Varo, Garro and Boullosa's work finally suggests a new interpretation of surrealist ideas common to all three authors and characterized for its demystifying function.

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