Enciclopedia de la Literatura en México

The moon will forever be a distant Love

"Amid the markets and canals of the great city of Mexicco-Tenochitlan, smack on the corner where nowadays Dolores Street runs past the Chinese restaurants and umbrella stores, Conquistador Balboa is in a rush to run an errand for the Marquis, and the Indian girl Florinda is walking to the flea market. By pure chance they bump into each other and find themselves face to face."
Thus begins the love story of Balboa and Florinda, his beloved Aztec maiden. The conquest of New Spain is over and Mexico is overrun with conquistadors-turned-bureaucrats. Balboa is downsized. He convinces Florinda to take the Three Stars bus from 16th century Mexico City to Tijuana in the Northernish Empire where they begin to map out their love. But can love survive on The Border at the end of the 20th century?

Nathan and Delgadillo's translation carefully mimics the content, rhythms and puns of Crosthwaite's quirky prose.

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