Enciclopedia de la Literatura en México

Song of the golden scorpion

One might call Song of the Golden Scorpion a novel of "cosmic erotica." It opens at a resort in Bucerias, Mexico —near Puerto Vallarta—when the two main characters,Xochiquetzal and Javier, meet. They begin a highly erotic love affair of twelve years, an older woman-younger man relationship. And their relationship extends beyond this, into the Mayan Sixth World. There's a weaving of dreams, "magical realism" (real magic) as they meet crucial people on their travels: Ai from Tokyo, Japan, traveling the world to plant "peace crystals" in honor, and warning, of the bombing of Hiroshima, Nagasaki. Hank, a Hopi man who gives them vital and timely information on the Hopi prophecies. Don Francisco from Oaxaca/Chiapas, a Day Keeper, Maya shaman, who brings the wisdom of the coming Mayan Sixth World. Ari, an Israeli Commando whose family story brings the Jewish Holocaust to light passionately. And other passionate, often wounded, people who eventually meet in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where Xochiquetzal and Javier live. In this meeting, an all night fiesta at a magical mansion, everyone's personal and collective wound is revealed, and healed. This novel reveals the social realities of Mexico, from the harshest poverty to the most sophisticated realities the upper classes enjoy. It brings in the world at large; the world we all live in. War, the threat of nuclear war, global warming, the Hopi prophecies, and the Mayan Sixth World. Not an "end time" of destruction, but a gift of spiritual unfolding if humans choose the unfolding, Eros, la vida, life.

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