Enciclopedia de la Literatura en México

Tortuga : a novel

Editorial Justa presents Tortuga, a novel by Rudolfo A. Anaya, author of the best sellers Bless Me, Ultima, and Heart of Aztlán. Rudolfo A. Anaya´s novels have attracted a large a diverse reading public. They have become standard adoptions in classrooms across the country. However, Anaya´s popularity goes beyond academic circles and extends to readers who simply enjoys good literature.

            About the novel Tortuga, Frank Waters, noted New Mexican writer, says: “The hard shell of Tortuga, which means “turtle,” encloses in its compassionate narrative the soft, hidden under – belly of man´s indomitable courage while facing illness, death, and the disregard of society. The characters in this singularly rare novel are all crippled children in a hospital suffering terminal illness. Only one recovers and escapes on a “path of light,” illumined by the author´s revelations of the transcendent resources of the human soul. Rudolfo Anaya´s first book, Bless Me, Ultima, was a ground breaking novel of the life and folklore of Chicanos in south – eastern New Mexico. Tortuga, his third novel, far supercedes all ethnic and geographical boundaries. His children are all mankind.  The book is heartrendingly painful, excruciatingly embarrassing to us who comfortably ignore such human tragedy. But if it opens our eyes to the depths and heights of feeling within us, it will help to enlarge our human perspective – the accomplishment of a major novel.”

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