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El condado de Belken : Klail City

The Clasicos Chicanos/Chicano Classics series is intended to ensure the long-term accessibility of deserving works of Chicano literature and culture that have become unavailable over the years or that are in imminent danger of becoming inaccessible. Each of the volumes includes an introduction contextualizing the work within Chicano literature and a bibliography of works by and about the author. The series is designed to be a vehicle that will help in the recuperation of Raza literary history and permit the continued experience and enjoyment of our literature by both present and future generations of readers.

El condado de Belken-Klail City is a new Spanish-language edition of Klail City y sus alrededores, the novel for which Hinojosa won the Premio Casa de las Americas in 1976. The volume was published in the United States in a bilingual edition with the title Generaciones y semblanzas. Picking up and expanding on some of the characters and incidents from Estampas del Valle, El condado de Belken presents us with a collection of snapshot portraits, quick dialogues, and snippets of gossip told with Hinojosa's trademark wit.

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