Enciclopedia de la Literatura en México

Mexican writers on writing

"A brilliant publishing enterprise. One of the best elements in American culture is a genuine, welcoming interest in writing from other languages. Beginning with essential writers from Ireland. Mexico. and Poland, the series fills a vital need. Edward Hirsch is absolutely the right general editor to guide the series. In a time of clouds. anxieties, disasters. and blunders regarding our place among the nations. here is a beacon."


"These handsome. beautifully written. and thoughtfully edited volumes could not come at a more opportune moment. Even as our political borders are growing more rigid and fiercely defended. these welcome books remind us of the ways in which literature will always cross the most seemingly impermeable barrier and leap the highest wall."


"What an inspired way to engage other cultures: through the meditations of writers on the subject that they know best—writing. And what we discover in the essays collected in The Writer's World is that for all of our seeming differences and genuine divisions we are bound by words. which in every language offer windows through which to glimpse the heart of the matter: what it means to be alive.


"The Writer's World is a wonderfully intriguing and exciting series. Each book is like a conference of great writers and thinkers brought together to consider matters essential to culture and society. There's nothing like it."


Margaret Sayers Peden is Professor Emerita of Spanish at the University of Missouri. The author of three books. she has been a recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship. the National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship. and the PEN Book of the Month Club Translation Prize. She has translated over fifty books, including works by Pablo Neruda. Isabel Allende, Mario Vargas Uosa. Juan Rulfo, Claribel Alegria. Carlos Fuentes. Octavio Paz. and Elena Poniatowska. For her work in translations. she has received an Honorary Life Membership from the American Literary Translators Association. She lives in Columbia. Missouri.

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